Liverpool FC – ‘A Way Of Life’


Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Liverpool FC – ‘A Way Of Life’”

  1. Lifepentagon

    Yeah, hopefully! I wouldn’t expect, but I hope! I really do! A really good start of the season. Better than I thought!! It looking really good. If these things keep going, and I say IF! I think we maybe even can fight for the title. We’ll see how it goes over the next couple of games. Maybe it looks totally different, who knows? But at the time, we all have to stay cool and happy.
    I hope that THIS is our year! YNWA <3

  2. amirjr91

    Champions league next season.. where we belong.. YNWA

  3. izznatious


  4. izznatious

    Well done, really encompasses KFC

  5. Андрей Киселев

    return Carlsberg!!

  6. Fifafever1112

    Absolutely incredible . One of your best ever videos well done!

  7. nikz200


  8. Muaz Raslan

    i’ll walk with you

  9. lfcswebranch

    He’s only used the same song. Can’t see how that’s copying. 

  10. wvertuesa

    Liverpool the greatest club

  11. wvertuesa

    Class !

  12. wvertuesa

    Ynwa my friends bleed liverpool red

  13. Supa Kron

    Thanks lfcswebranch! Your vids are the best!

  14. mitonja

    Goose bumps!

  15. kwasddz

    Looks like copy of ‘Walk On’ made by UniLFC. Cheers o/

  16. Akay7699

    Should’ve kept kuyt

  17. Steven Salas

    Genial, gigante Liverpool, saludos desde Ecuador.

  18. sakthivel mathur

    Once a red…. forever a red

  19. Sterling Hancock

    you make beautiful videos.

  20. nikz200

    ok lads… time to walk on…. damn water in my eyes…..

  21. nikz200

    agreed bro, he would help our midfield ALOT

  22. Muaz Raslan

    torres looked much better in red..

  23. MrSheryTV


  24. Stor Grabb

    Two words… a Masterpiece!