Daniel Sturridge’s injury is a worry

Liverpool is concerned about the fitness of their in-form forward Daniel Sturridge before Merseyside derby match with Everton. This season, Daniel relished a magnificent beginning. He picked up the deal leg while on nationals team’s responsibilities with England, but now there is a huge doubt regarding his availability against rivals Everton.

Brendan Rodgers confirmed the report during a press conference. He insisted that he former Chelsea player has a problem for several weeks and now this is just getting worse.

Rodgers told that he went to England with an injury. He had a dead leg for 3 – 4 weeks, and he has been playing through with it. He hardly trained when he left after the Fulham match. He added that the team would assess his fitness and they expect that he would be ready to play.

Brendan Rodgers said that Sturridge would guide him to decide whether he would be able to play or not. He would be asked by the coach whether how fit he is and he would be able to play or not. According to Brendon, managers are led by their players at times.

The Anfield club is already struggling with many injuries in their team with Jose Enrique joining the injured players’ list.
In the mean time, Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain, told that there would be a huge hole in his football career if  he says good bye to the game without winning a English Premier League title.