25 thoughts on “Damien Comolli Leaves Liverpool Football Club”

  1. Ricky Parry is a complete knobhead ! he is one tight cunt when it came to
    spending at Liverpool hopefully he is not involved! And Dunc keep us
    updated pls mate 🙂 YNWA

  2. Dein would be superb, played a part in the formation of the Premier League
    and brokered deals for Henry, Overmars, Bergkamp and like for Arsenal, the
    guy’s C.V. is second to none as a Vice-Chairman!

  3. @DanRamsay23 I imagine the pretty reliable bloke is Macca? Both soldado and
    muniain are cracking players.

  4. Pro tip Dunc: You don’t need to check left and right to see who is
    listening when you are posting your content on the biggest video site on
    the planet.

  5. For the 7 months I spent by me mam’s bed in hospital prior to her passing
    in February, I lived off microwave meals every day. Having returned to
    Spain now, I’m trying to come to terms with my loss and I have of course
    had plenty of days/nights out to try and get through it all. Plus the kids
    have been here for a fortnight. They went home today so from tomorrow it’s
    back on the old diet. The last couple of months lifestyle has been
    unavoidable but things are settling down again. YNWA.

  6. that means kenny’s job is safe, at least until end of the season. the
    coming transfer market will be interesting for liverpool. i bet liverpool
    will spend big again. john henry needs liverpool success badly, since his
    red sox has major problems as well. by the way, if rick is still involved,
    then there is no way for rafa return next season, if kenny can’t hand on.

  7. maybe they goin 2 move kenny upstairs at end of season and get new manager
    that y comolli gone now….glad hes gone…..

  8. I’m very happy…comollli made some poor judgments. But he did get us
    Suarez for a good fee but over al poor. He took a shit on spurs and now he
    was doing us. I’m very excited. Lads …hopefully some top class players in
    the summer like cavani

  9. do you know that the comedian alan carr’s dad works as a scout for
    newcastle and is credited with them signing demba ba and papiss ciise , i
    wouldn’t mind if liverpool got him

  10. dunc, as a follower of ur channel, ive noticed u’ve put on a few kilo’s in
    the last couple of months, shed it off for ur own good. YNWA

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