Jurgen Klopp dont want any game after New Year

Jurgen Klopp reckons that playing a day after Christmas or even on the New Year day is okay, but, just a couple of days after the New Year day again is a little harsh.

Public thinks from its own point of view that it’s their holiday time, they have to work from Monday to Friday every week, while the players have their work cut out only on the weekends or at worst, maybe on one of the other week days, but, that too very rarely

So, what’s the problem if the players have to work a little bit more for just one week, playing three games, from the 26th of December to the 3rd of January, even if that’s tough, they can have a number of non-working days in the other remaining weeks of the year.

But, Klopp has serious disagreement with this public opinion. As per him, the players might show up only on the weekend, but, even in that part of the week when they don’t show up, they don’t go and holiday somewhere. They still work and the work in their case is to train and to keep the shape of the body right and the effort goes in that too as it goes in any other work in the world.

In Klopp’s view, working overtime for a week is not the issue here, the issue is if it is even possible to work, that is if it is possible to play three games in as much time as the schedule demands. The teams have obviously played because they have to, but, while doing so; you are always praying that somebody out of your team does not get his body damaged severely as that’s something which is kind of inevitable with such scheduling.