Henderson claims that Liverpool were motivated by past failures


Jordan Henderson said that the losing streak in the finals is what led the Liverpool to be strong and win the silverware. Liverpool in the past season has been creating a new era for the young to follow. They are more determined to bring out the new era of Liverpool. Before winning the Champions League trophy in 2019, Liverpool hasn’t won any trophies in the past seven years. They have been waiting for the Premier League victory for the past three decades.

In the Premier League, they are currently leading the table with 25 points ahead of the second team Manchester City. They are two wins away from taking the title of Premier League champions. Liverpool is currently one of the best club of European football. Jurgen Klopp is leading the team well and to many trophies too.

Liverpool captain Henderson believes that the major losses in both the domestic and European competitions which can be taken as the reason for Liverpool’s victory. The emptiness of trophies and losses is believed to have led them to win thebiggest trophies in football.

The club has lost in many finals which includes the Champions League final in 2018 and in Europa Cup they lost to Sevilla and there is the final against Manchester City in the League Cup which they lost too. These failureshelped them to sort out and gave them more reason to improve and learn. Whenever they faced such difficulties they were able to bounce back and the last twelve month is just an example for it.

Hendersonsaid that they have been through both tough and happy times. He is looking forward to how the club will be in the future and him along with the team will be constantly trying to improve. He also explained how the club members are closely knitted. He also said about fans who are incredible supporters of the club.

“The amount of great players of course that we have in this team, but how they are as people, how we are as a dressing room, how close we are and not only players but that’s the staff as well,” said Henderson.